Update #2: Retail and mobility datasets

This short article includes the last addition to my datasets & toolkit for data analysts. Please be sure to share any useful links you may know in the comments.

Find the complete list in the original story:

Consumer Expenditure Surveys

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics shares consumer prices and volume data. As they mention, “CE publications provide information related to survey data, trends, analysis, and methods.”

Google Mobility Reports

Free and anonymous aggregated monthly data by region about location habits variation vs. pre covid.

You will be able to track how much time people are spending in parks, malls, pharmacies, office centers, or their homes.

You use my analysis of medium’s traffic as an example.

The society of actuaries has published the aggregated historical data in an easy-to-use excel macro.

Miscellaneous Local US Data

From garden sizes per city to average family savings. The Data.gov datasets include great pieces for academic research.

This story shows how to use these datasets to estimate the market size for a business idea.

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