Part 1: The Basics

Learning to listen to the market — and to talk back

Maybe, you are a new writer/editor, or you are starting a new business, and you want to create a publication, or buy cheap equipment? Let us see if you are ready to face the dangers of an uncertain market.

By the end of this short tale, you will be able to identify and use the economic concepts of adverse selection, moral hazard, and perverse incentives in your daily life.

A real-life example

You have decided to create a new online magazine where everyone can publish. After some research, you have found that the average value of a story is $300. …

Social, economic, and cultural learnings from the other side of the world.

Far, far away, in a land where people speak in alien tongues and food is made with fun colors, someone is watching the same grey sky.

It is shocking that India and Latin America are so similar in so many aspects. They do not share any origin, and 16,500 km separates them from each other. Even though the festivals, joyful people, and mediocre politicians may lead you to think that they were part of the same continent once.

Due to academic curiosity, I read and fell in love with An Uncertain Glory by Amartya Sen and Jean Dreze (I will…

Thanks for sharing your costs and profits. In your opinion, why so many people are still buying GPU for mining if the earnings are not so great? Do you think that the GPU bubble is going to explode soon?

Weekly Briefs #1: A Short Summary about the Last Economics Nobel Prize

Far from a guy screaming SOLD! And hammering a wooden table, auctions have evolved to be more relevant than ever. The 2020 Economics Nobel Prize was awarded for contributions to the Auction’s theory. This brief aims to give you a general view of it.

You may have never participated in an auction. But auctions shape everything around you: from crypto mining to how much you pay for electricity. Every transaction is a type of Auction, not only the eBay ones.

If an agent chooses between competitors, there is an auction. …

Learn what your behavior and industry optimization have in common

Two years ago, I made an experiment subject of myself. After reading some books and studying behavioral economics, I decided to eat healthier, exercise more, read a book per month… stop me if you know the story.

With my economics background and my interest in human behavior, I tried to put some science into my life. This is not a 10-steps-guide; This is mean to complement actions you are already doing. This article will help you to: Plan better, Priorize and avoid bias/heuristics.

There are many articles and papers about habits, so I hope you will find at least one…

I also advise cutting on superfluous expending, but I do it because of the difficulty of earning money.

Say that you save $5 per day for 200 days a year (probably you do not buy at Starbucks every day). That is $5*200=$1,000. To make that same amount in a bank at 5% APR, you would need to invest $20,000!

If the Starbucks coffee is not adding real value to your life, making your coffee at home equals having $20,000 investment capital.

How to surpass Karl Marx

It was a cold winter afternoon. My legs were hurting, but I refused to go inside. I enjoyed the dance of the icy shadows fighting my warm lamp. After a sip of vodka, I opened the forbidden book.

“A spectre is haunting Europe — the spectre of…”

Maybe Europe was hunted by the spectre of communism. But, we all are being hunted by the spectre of populism and misinformation. To be honest, I read the Manifesto of the Communist Party during the summer in my grandparents’ house. Still, I felt like a Russian spy hiding from the police when doing…

Opportunities are everywhere

Years ago, I traveled to Norway with an Isfit scholarship (International Student Festival in Trondheim). It was one of the best experiences of my life. I shared two weeks with 450 students from more than 150 countries. During the festival, I attended excellent lectures, made life-lasting friends, and enjoyed many adventures. I could fill a thousand articles with everything I saw.

At Isfit, a friend shared with me a list of other festivals to apply to. This list includes festivals with a wide range of topics. You will find one that fits you. …

You may be helping the dark side without knowing

Dr. Evil Corporation is trying to destroy the world and make everyone unhappy. With his powers of corruption and greed, he leads an army that will destroy all the forests, increase child labor, and drain your health. Maybe this time, he will win.

Our spies could not find his secret cave on a volcano, nor his death ray pointing to the moon. Maybe Dr. Evil Corporation and his evil empire are not real. So, who is deciding to pollute the world, exploit people, and making me eat too much McDonald’s?

Who is the real decision-maker?

I love dystopian movies and books. But there is something…

An amateur guide for amateur investors

BULL MARKETS! CRISIS! GAMESTOP! MONEY! LOSSES! Should you invest in stocks? Sure. You will not get rich, and maybe, you will not get poorer.

In March 2019, yep, 2 centuries ago, I decided to try day-trading. I did so because I wanted something to motivate me to read the news, a hobby to earn some pocket change, and a way to practice my analytical skills.

I began with 10 dollars (I was skeptical of this kind of apps), then invested 300 more. Ten months later, before the pandemic outbreak, I withdrew 4000 dollars! …

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