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Whatever your passion is, you should have a toolkit. Congratulations! Being here is a great first step to do so.

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Can you imagine Batman without the utility belt? No, you can’t. Like him, you must be prepared for the challenges ahead and the role you play in your team. Your toolkit should include a curated selection of books, techniques, websites, contacts, and databases.

WARNING: Do not archive every link you find. Keep your toolkit short and useful. When finding a list like this one, peruse each link, try them in a project, and store what works for you.

This first…

Should you invest in shoes?

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The sportswear market looks very dynamic and innovative, but is it? Besides seasonality and the occasional Olympic game, what is moving the market? Where is the breaking point? And how can you profit from it?!

“Just Don’t It”

The cheat — What sells shoes?

There is a strong relation between seasons, import volume, and sports apparel sales. The cycle is pretty straightforward. Sales grow during summer, and products need to be imported a couple of months ahead. This is how you can know if an industry expects a good or bad quarter.

Every second quarter import volume grows 25% vs. P9M. Every third quarter Sportswear sales…

6 new useful and free links!

This short article includes the last addition to my datasets & toolkit for data analysts. Please be sure to share any useful links you may know in the comments.

Find the complete list in the original story:

Covid related databases

This link contains data on deaths, vaccinations, new cases, nursing homes, race, and others — some information by state — important variables to combine with the google mobility reports.

If you feel ready, I invite you to participate in the new Kaggle competition.

As an example, you can check my analysis on covid waves and cleaning product sales.

The Economist graph section

Not a database but a…

You can still get ahead of the curve

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Many countries have reached the 70% vaccination goal. Businesses are reopening, and we are free to go back to normal. But some changes are here to stay.

Flex work, leaving big crowded cities, and the rebirth of tourism are obvious trends. As a result, stocks prices are volatile, and there is no much room for new businesses.

These are 3 industries with a pending consumption increase for 2021.

Apparel & Fabric Care

Losing fear to covid a bit too soon

At their peak, importations, a proxy for consumption, reached 1580% versus the 2018–19 average. But since, their demand has fallen, even when deaths have increased. Why are people caring less about disinfection? What should we expect from the cleaning market in the following months?

2 graphs showing how clorox, tissue, disinfectants and sanitizer sales are falling while covid deaths are increasing. The author describe a lack in preventive health measures
Own elaboration. Data Sources: The covid project,, TradeMap, Statista

Remember people fighting for toiled paper? Or not being able to find flour? People hoarded cleaning and disinfectant products because of shortage fears, not because of an increase in consumption. Kimberly Clark’s tissue category bumped up 10% during the first wave, which is enormous for its usually stable product line. Clorox sales soared 30% vs. P2Y…

This short article includes the last addition to my datasets & toolkit for data analysts. Please be sure to share any useful links you may know in the comments.

Find the complete list in the original story:

Consumer Expenditure Surveys

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics shares consumer prices and volume data. As they mention, “CE publications provide information related to survey data, trends, analysis, and methods.”

Google Mobility Reports

Free and anonymous aggregated monthly data by region about location habits variation vs. pre covid.

You will be able to track how much time people are spending in parks, malls, pharmacies, office centers, or their homes.

Covid, Peaks, and Valleys

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Medium traffic has been changing so much lately that it looks like a bitcoin price chart. Before Elon tweets about us, we should understand what has happened during the last 12 months.

Mainly because of the covid-19 lockdowns, the Medium audience has grown and shrunk more than ever. We are not talking about a couple of thousand users.

As we know, Medium is a popular site: More than 200 million visits per month and 100 million unique users. According to Hypestat, Medium generates $250,000 daily!

Understanding why people joined and left, what they read and wrote, is the key difference…

Your money needs to wake up.

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During your first months as a content creator, you probably will not break the $10 mark, but there is no excuse to have sleeping money.

Since you are not living on those savings, why not invest them? A high-return/ high-risk investment could increase your capital so you can re-invest in your audience. With your earnings, you could buy ads to increase your followers or hire a freelancer to revamp your website.

You probably will not touch this money, waiting months until your earnings become substantial.

These are five ideas of how to micro-invest your medium earnings.

Day Trading: Stocks, Cryptocurrency, ETFs, Forex, Commodities, etc.

The easiest way to…

How to overcome the corporate burnout

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I will avoid the verbiage this time. These are 9 tips I curated after 11 years of working with corporations, NGOs, and mentors.

When I get to a dead-end at work, I focus on practicing one of these tips and usually find mind motivation again.

1. “Know your business like the back of your hand” — Someone at a lecture many years ago.

Be passionate about learning and always be up-to-date.

  • Memorize previous results,
  • Review your competitors’ actions,
  • Talk to customers and employees. I used to visit 10 stores per week and have meetings at stores at least twice a week.

2. Tools and Topics

Be aware of what your topics and your tools are. …

A low hanging fruit for content creators

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Why should anyone invest in digital advertising in 2021?

Do you even notice ads? I bet your brain is already trained to ignore them. Last year’s Click-Through Rates statistics show an all-time low.

So maybe, everyone is playing the game wrong. This is how you can be the winner in this multi-billion-dollar Prisoner’s dilemma.

Current situation

In 2020, the spending on digital advertising worldwide was 378 billion dollars. Businesses are spending more on ads every year, but their efficiency is getting worse.

Is the Ad market too crowded? Shouldn’t we get better at making Ads with all the AI and Analytics improvements?

Click-Through Rate (CTR) shows a clear trend.

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